Q. Based on my ability level, what camp is right for me?
Stanford Golf Camps are open to all junior golfers ages 5 to 18. In the half-day camps most of the campers are beginners and looking for a camp experience that is not as intensive as the full day and overnight camps. The half-day camps are a good fit for beginners and younger campers. Beginning instruction and fundamentals are the focus.

In the full day / overnight camps the attendees have more Stanford Golf Course access and the camp experience is a blend of both practicing and playing golf with a focus on fundamentals. All campers in the full day / overnight camps are expected to be able to play 18 holes and carry or pull cart their own bags. Also most campers that attend are able to comfortably stay in the dorms nearby overnight and be away from home.

In the Players Camp, most attendees are high school golfers who have college golf in mind. These campers play more golf on the Stanford Golf Course and instruction focuses not only on fundamentals but also on sports psychology, nutrition, golf fitness, quality practice, college golf recruiting, and course management. It is expected that campers in the Players Camp be able to play at least three full rounds of golf and carry or pull cart their own bags. Most of the campers in Players camp are able to break 100 on an 18-hole course.

Q. Do I need to bring my own clubs?
Yes! We ask all campers to bring their own clubs and other optional golf accessories such as Pull Carts. For the half-day beginner camps, we have a variety of clubs available for use and therefore no need to bring your own clubs, although it is preferred.

Q. How do meals work at camp?
For overnight campers, we provide three meals daily, beginning with dinner the first evening of camp through BBQ lunch the final day. Campers dine in the Stanford dining halls close to their residence. We also provide lunch during our Full-Day camps. All campers are encouraged to bring snacks in their bags to use throughout the day. Stanford Golf Camp will supply water for all campers.

Q. What is the student to staff ratio and how are the dorms chaperoned?
There are a maximum of 5 campers to every staff member. Our staff is made up of the Stanford Golf coaches and other Div I, II, and III coaches from around the country.  Counselors are typically Division I collegiate golfers from both Stanford and other schools across the country. All staff stay in the dorms with the overnight campers and they provide supervision both during the golf sessions and camp activities at night in the dorms. Boy and girl campers are separated by floors in the dormitories or even by different buildings depending on the camp and volume of campers.  Roommates are assigned based on age.

Q. What are the cancellation and refund policies of the Stanford Golf Camp?
Camper cancellations will be given refunds up until June 1st prior to the camp commencing less a $195 processing fee. After June 1, no refunds will be given. Campers are able to receive a credit for the camp after June 1st to be used in future years or other camp sessions based on space available. Cancellations must be made in writing by sending an email to stanfordgolfcamp@gmail.com

Q. Can I request a roommate?
When registering online for our overnight sessions you are able to input a roommate request. We will do our very best to satisfy all requests and encourage campers to share camp info and come with their friends.

Q. What should I wear to camp?
Golf attire is recommended. No denim please! Collared golf shirts and golf shorts as well as comfortable golf or tennis shoes are suggested. For full day / overnight camps please bring bathing suit for trip to Stanford pool if so desired. All campers are also strongly recommended to have a golf hat or Bermuda hat for sun protection. Overnight campers are free to wear casual clothes in the evenings in the dorms.

Q. Are airport shuttles available?
Stanford Golf Camp no longer provides a shuttle service. We recommend using UBER or Taxi from San Jose or San Francisco to campus. For those campers attending the STANFORD PLAYERS CAMP, there will be a limo-bus available to SFO on the final day of camp to transport players to the airport. It will depart the golf course at 3:30pm on the final day of camp, arriving at SFO approx. 4:00 - 4:15pm. There will be NO camp chaperone on the bus, campers will be responsible for check in at the airport. Registration for the limo-bus will be available during registration check-out. 

Q. When is final payment due for camp?
Final payment on remaining balances can be made any time by using your online password protected user account you created upon registration. Please be sure to cancel before June 1st, to avoid all non-refundable charges. On June 1, Stanford Golf Camp will automatically bill the credit card you supplied during registration for any unpaid balances. Please refer to cancellation and refund policies as well or email us at stanfordgolfcamp@gmail.com if you have any questions on this topic.

Q. Can parents observe camp sessions?
Parents are welcome to observe sessions from the edge of the teaching tee on the Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex. However, teaching stations on the complex are widely spread out throughout the camps and it will be difficult to see everything from the preferred vantage point. Parents are not allowed on the golf course during on-course sessions due to liability and golf course policies.

Q. What is the daily schedule for camp?
Half-day camps:
Morning sessions begin each day at 8:30am and run to 12:00pm. Various facets of the game will be introduced during multiple 30 to 45 minute stations during the day taught by Stanford Golf Camp staff. Campers will play holes on the Stanford Golf Course one day as well as compete on the Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex short course throughout the camp.

Full day camps:
Sessions run from 8:30am to 4:30pm each day. On a typical day, Campers will experience instructional stations in the mornings and on course time in the afternoon.

Overnight camps:
Other than check in and check out days, sessions run from 8:30am to 5:00pm approximately. Campers will experience instructional stations in all facets of the game alongside ample on-course time throughout the session. Campers will also have time to explore the Stanford bookstore, Stanford swimming pool, and see the many sights on campus. In the evenings campers are free to take part in camp activities directed by camp staff.

Q. What is included in the linen pack?
Linen packs are included in the registration fee. They include sheets, pillow, comforter, and two towels.  They will be provided in each dorm room.

Q. How do you handle dietary restrictions?
Please make note of all dietary restrictions during check-in. The Stanford Dining services provide meals and options for all. We can accommodate any restriction as long as notified ahead of time.

Q. If my son/daughter signs up for camp with a friend, can they be in the same group?

Yes!!  Our number one priority is to create a positive experience for each camper.  We welcome groups of friends and can arrange for them to be together if requested during check-in.

Q. How are the groups organized and how do you accommodate differing skill levels?
On check-in day, we will spend three hours at the practice facility rotating through stations.  The coaching staff will evaluate each player's game and experience level.  Campers will then be assigned to a small group of similar skill and ability level for optimum teaching purposes.  All teaching sessions and stations will be tailored to the ability of the group, thereby making sure that each camper has a purposeful learning experience.